At Conscious Alternative Asset Management (CAAM), we focus on transformative investments that drive human evolution and offer profitable returns.  Join us as we discover a world of consciously curated alternative investment opportunities focusing on human evolution with the potential for profitable returns.

Transformative Investments

Consciously Curated Alternative
Private Asset Investment

Active Investments

  • Emerging Markets: Entrepreneurs creating significant employment opportunities. (Untapped Global)
  • Regenerative Aggriculture: Pioneers leading regenerative sustainable farming practices. (Trailhead Capital)
  • Preservation: Marine geologists dedicated to ocean exploration and preservation. (OMEX)
  • Enhancing Environmental Health: Drone technology for reforesting national parks. (Massive VC)
  • Reducing single-use plastics: Innovations in US sports stadiums through aluminum water bottles. (Massive VC)

Future Investments

  • Renewable Energy Development: Utility-scale renewable energy development.
  • Enhancing mental health and human potential through genomic, organic, educational, virtual reality, and AI-enabled technologies designed to elevate human consciousness
  • Innovating in water distribution and technology.
  • Pioneering food innovation and agricultural technology.
  • On-chain innovations creating new value flows.

Our Story & Philosophy

Our Core Principles

CAAM is an evolution of Conscious Capital that focuses on private asset management

At CAAM, we believe in the power of strategic investment to foster progress and prosperity. We are committed to identifying and nurturing ventures that are not just promising but transformative, ensuring a balance of innovation and profitability.

Building on the foundation of Conscious Capital Wealth Management, CAAM represents the next step in private asset management. Lawrence Ford and his team are at the forefront of vetting and packaging private impact investments, with plans to unveil a broker-dealer in the Web3 space.


Working with innovative geniuses – asset managers, entrepreneurs, and institutions pushing humanity forward.


Committing to projects with strong potential for financial surplus, grounded in evidence-based strategies.


Risk Mastery
Navigating the nuanced layers of risk in alternative investments with precision. Blending traditional risk analysis with an innovative approach.

Investments & Partnerships

Our investment themes
prioritize key sectors:

Human Progress initiatives, aiding poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship.

Responsible AI for
societal benefit and industrial efficiency.

Financial Innovation and FinTech, including Web3 and distributed ledger technology.

Food and Water innovations, including regenerative agriculture and clean water access

Renewable energy and technology infrastructure.

Regenerative Supply Chain focusing on waste removal & circular economy development.

Evolutionary Health and Wellness, including genomics and bio-tech.

News & Blog

Recent Updates

Invitation: Lawrence Ford

Invitation: Lawrence Ford

A Word from Lawrence Ford, CEO:“Financial capital isn’t merely a tool – it’s a testament to human ingenuity and ambition. As we tread this remarkable epoch on our planet, it’s imperative to channel our capital consciously. At CAAM, we guide you in harmonizing your...

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