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The Story of Jim Chu & Untapped Global

Get to know the genius behind the brand

Jim Chu discusses his journey from the corporate world to philanthropy and ultimately to creating a business that addresses the systemic issues in the aid industry. He highlights the importance of understanding the incentive structures in place and aligning them to create positive outcomes. Jim shares his experience in Haiti after the earthquake and how good intentions in the aid sector can sometimes have unintended consequences. He emphasizes the need for access to capital and the power of entrepreneurship in creating sustainable solutions.

Jim Chu is the Founder and CEO of Untapped Global. He has over 30 years of experience in technology, international aid, venture investing, and impact investing across the U.S., Europe, Africa, and Latin America.

Watch these short clips that highlight the essence of Jim’s story and continue below to watch the full episode.

Watch the Full Episode: Jim Chu of Untapped Global


00:00: Introduction and Appreciation for Jim’s Work
06:06: The Journey to Creating a Solution
13:08: The Importance of Access to Credit
35:21: The Journey in Haiti and the Need for Sustainable Solutions
42:45: Aligning Incentives and Understanding Systems
45:34: The Desire for Dignity and Empowerment
49:44: Addressing Gaps in Investment Models in Emerging Markets
50:13: The Power of Entrepreneurship and Agency
50:41: Defining Emerging Markets and Frontier Markets
52:07: The Challenges of Financing in Emerging Markets
53:35: The Role of Venture Capital and Commercial Debt

55:02: The Limitations of Microcredit
56:25: The Scarcity of Capital in Emerging Markets
57:55: The Potential of Digitization and Mobile Payments
59:46: The Evolution of Microfinance and Lending Models
01:00:15: The Power of Data and Real-Time Analysis
01:01:45: The Opportunity to Invest in Africa
01:05:03: The Impact of Untapped’s Financing Model
01:17:54: Risk Management and Recovery Strategies
01:20:45: The Mindset of Entrepreneurs in Emerging Markets
01:24:04: Stories of Impact and Transformation
01:35:42: Bringing Investors to Africa to Experience the Opportunities

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