Beyond Profits

A Vision for Good

We believe in the power of strategic investment to foster progress and prosperity. We are committed to identifying and nurturing ventures that are not just promising but transformative, ensuring a balance of innovation and profitability.

In our heart lies a deep respect for human resilience and adaptability, recognizing that the challenges we face may be met with a blend of innovative solutions and technology. Our business is crafted to align with this spirit of human ingenuity and creativity.

Our ethos is grounded in the principle of embracing complexity and paradox. We value the capacity to hold and explore opposing ideas simultaneously, steering clear of simplistic binaries like good/bad or right/wrong. We understand that truly innovative and evolved solutions emerge from a complex interplay of factors and require a disciplined and nuanced approach. With this mindset, we work to ensure that our strategies are designed not to favor a select few (exclusive value), but to favor the many (inclusive value).

We are committed to identifying and capitalizing on opportunities where innovation serves the greater good, delivers the potential for substantial financial returns while managing risk and leveraging insight. This balanced, holistic approach represents the Middle Way – a path that resonates with high net worth individuals, family offices, and institutions who seek not just financial success, but also a positive impact on the world.

Our Story & Philosophy

Our Core Principles

CAAM is an evolution of Conscious Capital that focuses on private asset management

  • Genius – We work with people who demonstrate true innovation. Genius is not only a measure of intellectual excellence, but also an expression of their unique gift in the world. This tightly aligns with our corporate belief that we are each “here for a reason.” We choose to work with asset managers, entrepreneurs, and institutions who are moving humanity forward or addressing underserved markets.
  • Pragmatism – We commit to projects that are grounded in evidence-based strategies, and we support endeavors led by teams with a proven track record of turning visions into reality. We place our trust and resources in ventures that, in our assessment, hold the greatest promise for yielding positive outcomes.
  • Risk Mastery – We prioritize a deep understanding of the nuanced layers of risk associated with alternative investments. We don’t just measure risk; we strive to navigate it with precision, blending traditional risk analysis with the critical awareness that ‘business as usual’ falls short in today’s unprecedented challenges. We commit to invest in projects that not only withstand traditional risk assessments but also boldly address existential challenges, striking a decisive balance for a resilient future.
  • Curiosity – We come to this work with deep humility, which drives a willingness to question our own assumptions, and commit to a path of perpetual learning. We select partners and colleagues who have demonstrated a life of continual improvement, who will admit mistakes, and who will change their minds in the face of new information.