Investments & Partnerships

Investment Themes

We prioritize investment opportunities that proactively engage key sectors, including:

  • Renewable energy and technology infrastructure, specifically infrastructure that scales power and energy distribution, as well as tech infrastructure that supports national security (domestic battery and chip manufacturing).
  • Food and Water, specifically projects that expand regenerative agriculture technology and alternative food sources, as well as broaden access to clean water, including new tech deployments that also work to restore the land and sea.
  • Responsible AI, specifically projects that focus on AI advancement and its safe deployment for societal benefit and industrial efficiency.
  • Evolutionary Health and Wellness, specifically the innovations in healthcare, that are inclusive and adjacent to genomics, legal psychedelics, and bio-tech that returns to more principled access to integrative health solutions.
  • Regenerative Supply Chain, specifically in the removal of waste from manufacturing, and the development of the circular economy.
  • Financial Innovation and FinTech, specifically inclusive of Web3, distributed ledger technology, and other technological innovations in technology and democratization of finance.
  • Human Progress, specifically helping people out of poverty, and encouraging entrepreneurship and self-determination among the world’s poor and overall human potential development. .

Investment Types

Our investment preferences
are broadly summarized as:

  • 55% Private debt in underserved markets, including:
    • Renewable energy development
    • Technology infrastructure lending
    • Equipment lease-back
    • Land lease-back
  • 35% Private equity in transformational technology, including:
    • Renewable Energy
    • Regenerative Agriculture
    • Health, Genomics, FDA-approved Psychedelics
    • AI Platforms
  • 10% Web3 & Crypto
    • Blockchain Innovation that enables new value flows
    • Compliant Security Tokens
    • NFT Utilities (tools not collectibles)
      Token Trading/Staking


Top-tier Investment Partners

We collaborate with top-tier investment partners, each possessing deep subject-matter expertise in their respective fields. We take a long time, months and sometimes years, to get to know these partners as professionals, humans, and balance an understanding of their humility, integrity, and curiosity, with the more traditional values of intelligence, strategy, and discernment.

  • Trailhead Capital – venture capital fund in regenerative agriculture. More on Trailhead.
  • Massive.VC – investment syndicate in early-stage technology, including AI, SAAS, and cleantech. More on Massive.
  • Cornell Capital – investment aggregator and lead investor.   More on Cornell Capital.
  • Untapped Global – private company in entrepreneurship in the global south.   More on Untapped.
  • We are continue to identify and quality partners in these sectors:
    • Evolutionary Health and Wellness
    • Renewable Energy and Technology Infrastructure
    • Water and Oceans
    • Real Estate with Positive Impact 
    • Web3 and Crypto